The NFL Biggest Risk about a Las Vegas Team is coming true.

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When a team goes to certain cities, there are always pitfalls, nightclubs and whatever you want to call it…now you go to a city, there are not really as many distractions

Case Studies

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“You’d never think this guy could hurt a soul, so when you see something like that — I mean, I’m still kind of in disbelief. But, obviously my heart goes out to the family that has been affected by it. But my heart also goes out to Henry as my teammate, ex-teammate.”

“It’s unfortunate to see a situation like that unfold, and I’ll just kind of leave it at that. It hurts my heart for everybody involved.”

What does this all mean?

“Obviously, we missed. That is 100 percent on me…We do have to be aware of Vegas…[but] if you want to find trouble, you can find it. And our job is to find kids who can get [by] it.



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